August Vehicle Sales Still Impress

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South Africa’s new vehicle sales are still going strong in the face of economic hurdles.

Despite Load Shedding battering the South African economy and a cost of living crisis affecting the majority of the world thanks to Russia’s war in the Ukraine, believe it or not, there still some silver linings.

One of those silver linings comes courtesy of the Naamsa’s August Domestic Vehicle Sales figures! According to the latest numbers, year on year new vehicle sales rose by 14.2%, coming in at 47,200 units, making 2022 the most successful August since 2018 while also surpassing pre-COVID levels.

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Sales in the rental market played a key-role in strengthening new vehicle sales, accounting for 8.3% of total sales and 11.2% of passenger vehicles. Exports have also rebounded from the slump caused by the flooding in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

What makes these figures even more impressive is that sales stood firm despite the knock-on effect of the higher interest rates and inflation!

So, who were South Africa’s top-sellers?

  1. Toyota - 11,138
  2. Volkswagen - 6,693
  3. Suzuki - 4,164
  4. Hyundai - 3,129
  5. Nissan - 2,644 
  6. Renault - 2,350
  7. Ford - 2,341
  8. Isuzu -2,122
  9. KIA- 2,035
  10. Haval - 1,797

Those are pretty much the usual suspects, and there’s no surprise that Toyota and Volkswagen are filling the top two spots. The big surprise, however, is Haval which has managed to make it into the top 10, beating out more established brands that have been in the country for much longer.

Clicka Car Haval H6 Gt Front

That is a very impressive performance by Haval, and the domestic motor vehicle market, especially when you consider the challenges that the country is facing as a whole!

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