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GWM celebrates four semi-finalists in Consumer Awards

GWM is celebrating the selection of four models within the manufacturer’s comprehensive range in South Africa as semi-finalists in the recently announced 2023/24 Consumer Awards motoring awards programme.

The Consumer Awards recognizes the best purchasing propositions in 13 categories of the South African new-vehicle market from all vehicles available in the South African market on September 1, 2023. Two models from the best-selling HAVAL JOLION range were chosen, as well as the HAVAL H6 HEV and ORA 03 Super Lux – giving more credence to GWM’s position as one of the top ten manufacturers on the monthly vehicle sales charts.

The Consumer Awards (CarsAwards) is the ultimate guide to purchasing a new vehicle in South Africa. It takes into account feedback from South African car owners, as well as physical testing from local judges, to award SA’s best new cars.

Why you shouldn’t jumpstart a new car

It’s best to avoid jumpstarting a modern car if it has a depleted battery, as the sudden power surge could damage and even break the vehicle’s onboard computers, safety systems, or engine.

Battery experts First Battery Centre notes that several issues can show face when performing an incorrect jumpstart, including:

  • Airbag system flaws – Airbag system may become inconsistent, which could result in airbags not deploying due to an electric fault
  • Blown Engine Control Unit – Impacts the alternator and other electrical components such as the fuel pump, onboard computer, and possibly the fuses
  • Power steering damage – If manufacturer instructions aren’t followed, the power steering system can be impacted, resulting in a stiff steering experience
  • Compromised traction control systems – If manufacturer protocols aren’t followed, the cars’ traction control may be compromised, resulting in unstable road grip
  • Inconsistency with Start/Stop systems – Incorrect jumpstart may disable the Start/Stop system and may require you to take your car to a dealership for further assessment

It’s also recommended to avoid jumpstarting an older car with a modern one as it may cause a power surge to the newer model, potentially causing one or more of the abovementioned headaches.

What should I do with a dead battery?

It’s recommended to take the battery out of the engine bay and connect it to a charger for a few hours until it has enough juice to power the vehicle again, and once the car is up and running, the alternator will top up the battery if it still needs more electrons.

Ford celebrates 100 years in South Africa

Ford has played an integral role in South Africa’s history since establishing its local operations in 1923, boasting a proud tradition of pioneering achievements and industry milestones over the past century.

The iconic Ford Model T first went into production in America in 1908, and by 1913 Henry Ford had established the industry-pioneering factory production line that reduced the time it took to build a car from around 12 hours to just 90 minutes.

By the early 1920s, Ford’s Detroit factory was pumping out 9,000 vehicles a day, and so the company decided to broaden its operations in order to keep up with the growing global demand. This meant the creation of Ford South Africa The original plant, converted from an old wool store, was the automaker’s 16th factory outside the USA and the African continent’s first-ever assembly line, which began producing the Model T using kits imported from Canada.

Starting out with 21 office staff and 71 assembly workers, the factory created 1,446 units in its first year, which retailed from as little as £145 By 1925, there were 18,118 licensed Ford vehicles on the road in South Africa.

Silverton currently represents a multi-billion rand investment from the American manufacturer and produces more than 200,000 vehicles per year.

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  1. Chinese buyers are taking to EVs like no others – one in every four cars sold in the country last year was electric.
  2. Only one third of households in SA own a car.
  3. Airbags move at speeds up to 7,200 KM/H and deploy within 40 milliseconds of collisions.


Mitsubishi Motors to exit from China production.

TOKYO, Sept 27 (Reuters) - Mitsubishi Motors (7211.T) has decided to end automobile production in China, and is discussing its exit with local joint venture partner Guangzhou Automobile Group (601238.SS), the Nikkei newspaper reported on Wednesday, without citing sources.

GAC will likely convert the plant, in Hunan province, to a production base for electric vehicles, the paper said.

Mitsubishi Motors said talks about the future of its China business with the shareholders in the joint venture (JV) in the country were ongoing and that nothing had been decided about it.