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  • R968 million – A new record set for Ferraris sold at auction. A 1962 Ferrari 330 LM / 250 GTO by Scaglietti, the coveted Italian coachbuilder, sold for $51.7 million (R968.4 million) at an RM Sotheby’s auction on November 13 in New York City.

1962 Emergency Kit

This is what the emergency kit looked like in 1962 ...Why the chicken mesh?

The most expensive car ever sold at auction - a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe took $142 million (R2.7 billion) in 2022.

  • Mercedes-Benz (MBSA) aims to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles (EV) in South Africa with the installation of a total of 127 new charging stations to the value of R40 million.
  • Ford Motor Company South Africa has reserved its biggest surprise at its 100th anniversary celebration in Pretoria on Wednesday (8 November) for the announcement of the Territory nameplate returning next year as the long awaited replacement for the ill-fated Kuga.

Ford Territory

  • The average cost of a pothole-related insurance claim at Santam, South Africa’s largest insurer, is between R20,000 to R25,000.
  • South African man arrested after 23 trafficked foreign nationals were found squashed in his Toyota Quantum.

  • Toyota confirms that three crews are officially set to represent the country in the 2024 Dakar Rally scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia from January 5th to 19th. All drivers will commandeer the Dakar-winning GR DKR Hilux T1+, the same vehicle that secured victory in both 2022 and 2023.

  • Get ready for the ultimate showdown in Las Vegas – it’s not just about the glitzy lights anymore. From November 16 to 18, the city is revving up for the 2023 Las Vegas F1 GP, turning the streets into a high-speed battleground. The weekend promises to be packed with speed demons, high-revving engines, and fans getting their adrenaline fix.


We want you to stay safe out there. It's good to be aware of some of the most common hijacking trends:

  • The blockage method—criminals will block you in front and behind in a drive-thru.

  • Tap-tap-trap—they bump your vehicle slightly from behind. You get out the car to exchange insurance details and they make a getaway with your ride.

  • The good Samaritan—they'll tell you something's wrong with your tyres, then take your car when you get out to check.


  • Avoid driving in high-crime areas, especially at night.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and park in well-lit areas.

  • Do not leave valuables in your car, even if you are just running into a store for a few minutes.

  • If you are hijacked, do not resist. Give the criminals what they want and stay calm.


Uber Ride

The longest Uber trip ever completed in South Africa – And more interesting facts and figures

At its 10-year anniversary, the company revealed that the most kilometres ever travelled by a single rider in South Africa were 813.35km, but it couldn’t satisfy our curiosity completely as it did not say where the individual was travelling to.

Other noteworthy facts and figures disclosed included:
The biggest tip ever given by a rider - R8,816
The most popular day to travel – Friday
The most popular time to request a ride – 14h00
Items that people lose the most – Keys and phones
The most popular drop-off destination – OR Tambo International Airport
The top 3 nationalities with the highest number of trips in South Africa – America, UK, and Germany Uber also noted that it has completed over 2,300 trips to the moon and back, equating to roughly 1.77 billion kilometres driven on South Africa’s roads; and during this time, it has moved as many people as it takes to fill up Soccer City stadium over 78 times (7.39 million people).


How much more South Africans are paying to fill up their cars – 2013 vs 2023

Tank size Price October 2013 Price October 2023 Cost difference
35 litres R465.50 R898.80 R433.30
45 litres R598.50 R1,155.60 R557.10
60 litres R798.00 R1,540.80 R742.80
80 litres R1,064.00 R2,054.40 R990.40

South Africa’s various taxes placed on fuel have also increased over the last 10 years, going from R5.58 in 2013 to R10.29 for every litre petrol purchased in 2023.

In December 2022, petroleum consumption for South Africa was 521 000 barrels per day. One barrel of oil contains 159 liters of petroleum. That equates to 82 839 000 liters per day. This then gives the Government an income of R 852.4m per day in taxes. Multiply this with 365 and the income comes to R 311.1 billion per annum.

Mid-month fuel price data published by the Central Energy Fund (CEF) indicates that petrol prices could fall by as much as R1.07 per litre on the first Wednesday of next month, with diesel prices potentially coming down by a more substantial R2.14 per litre.