VW Dealers Invest Millions in Upgrades

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Four VW dealers invest over R100 million in state-of-art upgrades to improve their customers’ car buying experience.

If you have ever bought a car from a dealership, you will understand that the dealership experience plays an important part in the overall car buying experience. This experience could influence your next purchase or whether or not you recommend a dealership to friends and family.

With this in mind, four VW dealerships; Lindsay Saker Fourways, NTT Volkswagen Potchefstroom, Volkswagen Highlands and Autohaus Centurion have become the latest dealers in the brand’s network to undergo extensive upgrades in order to facilitate better customer interactions and experience when doing business.

These four dealerships have invested a combined sum of R119 million in renovations and improvements to their facilities and employ close to 200 people.

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Lindsay Saker Fourways

Based in Northern Johannesburg, Lindsay Saker Fourways employs 55 people and invested R30 million in their existing dealership that now features a new showroom, admin building, workshop and MasterCars building.  

NTT Volkswagen Potchefstroom

NTT Volkswagen Potchefstroom is a leading VW dealership in the North West Province and employs 35 people. They invested R43 million in the construction of a brand-new dealership in-line with VWSA’s latest technical and brand requirements.

Volkswagen Highlands

Volkswagen Highlands can be found in Mashishing Mpumalanga, and they invested R26 million in upgrading the dealership to include a new car showroom and admin buildings, a new workshop, and a new MasterCars building. As an added bonus, Dealer Principal, Anru Myburg was named a Club of Excellence winner at VW’s recent 2022 Grand Prix Awards.

Autohaus Centurion

Located in the City of Tshwane, Autohaus Centurion invested R20 million in a new showroom for their new cars and MasterCars, an upgraded wash bay with a water recycling system, a new canteen with a barista area and a fully-fledged kitchen. They also refurbished their workshop ablution facilities and upgraded their Parts department.

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Speaking on these upgrades, Steffen Knapp, Head of Volkswagen Passenger Cars said, “Volkswagen dealers are an integral part of our brand’s success; in 2021, the Volkswagen dealer network helped the brand achieve a market share of 20.1%. Not only is the dealer network responsible for 75% of our annual sales, our 109 Volkswagen dealers also support South Africa’s economy by employing over 5 200 people. The investment by our dealers into state-of-the-art facilities is a strong show of support for our brand”.

VWSA first introduced their Modular Concept Design in 2011, which saw 99 Volkswagen dealers invest a total of R1.7 billion to transform their facilities into state-of-the-art dealerships, with another 33 dealers making the same decision at a cost of R476 million since 2018. 

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