The GT4 Stinger is a… Kia?

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When it comes to igniting passion among car enthusiasts, Kia hasn't really been in the spotlight. The Korean automaker has been recognised more for its practicality over the years. However, a potential game-changer is on the horizon in the form of the GT4 Stinger, a thrilling, gorgeous sports car that resonates with driving enthusiasts and delivers an exhilarating experience.

Exhilarating Design:

One glance at the Kia GT4 Stinger and it exudes an aura of speed. With its wrap-around windshield, flared fenders, and sloping hatch, the Stinger demands attention. Its low ride height is accentuated by 51 cm wheels, concealing powerful Brembo brakes, wide, high-performance tires that hug the edges of the bodywork. Striking a balance between show-car flair and practicality, the vehicle incorporates brake cooling ducts behind the front door and sleek transparent A-pillars. The distinctive vertical headlamps, though unconventional, add a unique touch that challenges the norms set by safety regulators.

Compact yet Mighty:

Measuring just under 432 cm long, the Stinger falls closer in size to the nimble Mazda Miata than the muscular Ford Mustang. Kia proudly announces a weight of 1 304 kg, a detail rarely mentioned unless a car has real-world aspirations. This bodes well for potential production prospects.

The Heart of the Beast:

Underneath the hood, the Stinger packs a punch. Its turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, generating an impressive 312 horsepower, channels its might to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox. Notably, this powertrain mirrors the one found in Kia's Pirelli World Challenge Kia Optima GTS racer. While the aggressive exterior suggests a bespoke chassis, it is more likely that Kia will leverage the resources of its parent company, Hyundai. 

Accessible Thrills Await:

Such a development would mark a significant victory for enthusiasts seeking an affordable performance vehicle. By combining Kia's penchant for affordability with a thrilling driving experience, the GT4 Stinger has the potential to revolutionise the market and become a beacon of excitement.

With the GT4 Stinger, Kia seeks to redefine its image and captivate the hearts of driving enthusiasts. This tantalising sports car showcases a breathtaking design, compact dimensions, and a powerful engine that hints at its production potential. Kia's pursuit of a wallet-friendly speed machine could deliver an exciting new competitor for enthusiasts to embrace eagerly. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with the GT4 Stinger, where exhilaration meets affordability. Two things you don’t often hear in one sentence.

We're not sure if this new baby is going to land on South African shores, but we're here to keep you updated.

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Reference: Wired