Suzuki SA Records a Bumper Year

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The Japanese brand’s sales hit a record high in 2021.

In the not so distant past, Suzuki would find itself a little outside of the circle when it came to South African consumers and their choice of Japanese brands, with buyers normally opting for one of the big three; Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

Over the last decade and a bit,  Suzuki has regained their footing on local shores and made its way into the hearts of South African motorists, and evidence of this can be found in the company’s 2021 sales figures. 2021 saw the company shatter all of their local sales records in the automotive, motorcycle and leisure sectors.

As 2021 drew to a close, Suzuki sold 2102 new vehicles in December alone, bringing the total number of Suzuki’s which found a new home last year to an impressive 27,583 units, the highest on record. These figures have seen Suzuki’s market share within the passenger vehicle sector grow to 8.18%.  Apart from just breaking the company-wide sale records, Suzuki’s dealers have also been hard at work and the company reported that 2021 saw five new dealer sales records and four overall monthly market share records. In fact, since September 2021, nearly one in every 10 passenger vehicles sold locally was a Suzuki.

Clicka Car Suzuki Swift

In the motorcycle sector, Suzuki dominated the hyperbike segment in 2021 with the range-topping Hayabusa selling previously unheard of numbers in the fourth quarter.  

Clicka Car Suzuki Hyabusa

Moving from land to the water, Suzuki still dominates the leisure scene taking over 50% of the market share, making Suzuki Marine the top-selling outboard motor brand in the country.

Clicka Car Suzuki Outboard

Suzuki’s growth within the South African market is a reason for celebration, and it is a testament to the great products that they offer the consumer, something which I am sure many other brands may view with a hint of envy. 

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