Mazda’s New CX-5 Hits The Style Nail on The Head

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Mazda’s new CX-5 is the stylish SUV we’ve been waiting for.

The compact SUV market is overflowing with options, but with the addition of the new Mazda CX-5, it seems like we’ve finally found the most stylish option.

From its inception in 2011, the Mazda CX-5 has always stood out amongst its competitors. Yes, I love boxy rugged SUVs as much as the next person, but there was always something about Mazda’s interpretation of how an SUV should be shaped and look which I have found appealing. Well, time has marched on since then, and Mazda now has a new CX-5 to show off the world, and I am glad to say, Mazda has retained everything that made their first CX-5 so appealing!

Starting on the outside, we have to thank Mazda for retaining their award-winning KODO design language which has been modernised courtesy of the new front and rear bumper designs combined with the new headlight and tailgate clusters which give the CX-5 a distinctly more modern and sharper look.  Aside from the newly designed front and rear ends, the CX-5's side profile has also been refined which see it adopting a less is more approach when it comes to body lines or added curves and ridges along with the side view.

Opening up the door, be it passenger or driver’s side and you are welcomed to by freshly designed interior that is both new and familiar if you are a Mazda loyalist. Mazda was not only out to create something new for new’s sake with the new interior. Instead, they also focused on improving quality and the occupants' overall comfort. This is most prevalent in the redesigned seats which help to stabilise occupants’ heads more, lessening the amount, and speed of forward, backward, and sideways head movements, making it easier for drivers to maintain a stable line of sight. The seats also feature optimised support for the pelvis, creating a more natural and comfortable sitting posture.

Underpinning the CX-5 is Mazda's latest incarnation of their SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture, the same vehicle structure technology that was introduced on the current Mazda3 which improves driving dynamics, ride comfort and quality. To achieve this, Mazda’s engineers have increased the frame rigidity while also improving the damping control structures which suppresses overall vibrations resulting in a more comfortable driving experience thanks to decreased NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) levels.

Clicka Car Mazda Cx 5 Interior

Aside from just offering a far more comfortable cabin, Mazda also set out to make sure that the new CX-5 also offers the space buyers need from their SUVs, and so, Mazda has updated the cargo area which is now bigger than the outgoing model. To achieved this, they have removed the height difference between the boot floor and the tailgate sill and the rear seats can be folded flat for an EVEN larger space.

Now that you have gotten better acquainted with the exterior and interior features of the CX-5, you must be wondering what makes it go? Well, Mazda is offering the CX-5 with three engine options. The smallest engine in the range is a 2.0 which produces 121kW and 213Nm of torque and is available in both the manual or automatic front-wheel drive Active, Dynamic and Carbon specification models. 

The second engine option is a 140kW 2.2 DE unit which produces 450Nm of torque that is available in the automatic All-Wheel-Drive Akera model.

The third engine is the top of the range 2.5 which produces 143kW and 258Nm of torque and can be found in the automatic All-Wheel-Drive Individual model.

Regardless of the specification level you choose or the colour (of which there are 10 to choose from), the Mazda CX-5 offers a very stylish and reliable alternative to other competitors in the market from the likes of Renault, Peugeot, Hyundai, Kia and even Toyota!

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