Land Rover’s Discovery Sport Urban Edition Is Set To Conquer The Urban Jungle

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It’s somewhat common knowledge that over 90% of SUVs never go off-road, and they are more likely to be found in the urban jungle than the real jungle.

With this in mind, it seems only fitting that Land Rover has released their Discovery Sport Urban Edition, a stunning SUV with styling cues more befitting of a catwalk as opposed to a place where wild cats may walk.

The new Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Editions is based on the 5+2 seater R-Dynamic model which has been upgraded with a host of unique design elements which include shadow aluminium finishes, non-leather Luxtec Suedecloth seats and a black contrast roof. Colour options for the Urban Edition include Carpathian Grey, Firenze Red, Santorini Black, Ostuni White and Hakuba Silver but I suspect most buyers will stick with the darker hues as they endow the car with a menacing demeanour.

Clicka Car Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition Side

If you can draw your attention away from the Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition’s looks (which in all honesty is quite difficult) you will find that under the bonnet, Land Rover allows you to choose from three four-cylinder Ingenium powertrains, the D200 turbo-diesel which produces 147kW and a hefty 430Nm with acceleration from 0-100km/h in 8.6 seconds, and the 183kW/365Nm P250 turbo petrol that delivers 0-100km/h in 7.8 seconds.  Both of these options are paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The third powertrain option is a plug-in hybrid carrying the P300e moniker. This model combines a 147kW 1.5-litre three-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine with an 80kW electric motor integrated into the rear axle and powered by a 15kWh lithium-ion battery located underneath the rear seats. Performance from the hybrid model is impressive given the added weight of the battery, and you can expect a 0-100km/h time of just 6.6 seconds while enjoying the marvellous fuel economy, which at its lowest is just 1.5L/100km.

Being a modern Land Rover, the Discovery Sport Urban Edition is not short on advanced technology either, and it makes do with no less than 85 ECUs. Starting with the infotainment system, Land Rover engineers have added what they call their Pivi and Pivi Pro infotainment systems which are inspired by the latest mobile devices. This system includes two embedded Qualcomm LTE modems, with one dedicated to the Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) technology and the other looking after music streaming and apps.  The beauty of this system is it delivers seamless connectivity and a quick start-up time, meaning that you don’t need to wait for the system to load before performing actions such as entering navigation details. Spotify streaming has also been integrated into the system and connectivity is supported by Bluetooth pairing for two phones at a time. 

For those of you who are more concerned about safety, the Discovery Sport Urban Edition is equipped with Land Rover’s second-generation Activity Key that allows you to unlock any door, lock or even start the vehicle when you are nearby with no need for a traditional key fob. Other safety features include a comprehensive collection of Advanced Driver Assistance features, including a Rear Traffic Monitor with automatic braking. The SUV is also fitted with a Rear Collision Monitor which uses radars to constantly monitor the vehicle’s rear, meaning the Discovery Sport is primed to reduce the severity of a crash. The optional 3D Surround Camera lets the driver see what’s happening around the vehicle at speeds of up to 19mph, making manoeuvring and even navigating difficult terrain simpler than ever, yes it can do some off-roading when called upon. These systems work in unison with the ClearSight Ground View and ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror technologies that use smart camera technology to stitch together images below the bonnet, while the latter provides an interchangeable rear-view mirror and video screen for enhanced visibility.

Clicka Car Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition Rear

Pricing for the Defender Urban Sport starts from R993,208 with  5 year/100,000km warranty and a matching maintenance plan as standard. That price tag may seem steep but given its baby Range Rover Sport looks and the tons of tech you’ll find throughout the car, dare I say it offers great value for money?