Jeep Avenger Snags Car Of The Year Award

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The Jeep Avenger is the winner of the 2023 International 60th edition of The Car of the Year award. In a prestigious ceremony held at the Brussels International Motor Show for the first time, it was also the first time that the American brand of the Stellantis group received the trophy. The debut EV attained 328 points and 21 best votes from the Car of the Year juries. With a name like AVENGER, no wonder!

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For the second year, the podium was all-EV. Last year's Car of the Year was the Kia EV6. The jury comprised 57 members of 22 European countries. The runner-up was the Volkswagen’s ID.Buzz with 241 votes and 16 best qualifications, whilst the Nissan Ariya came in at third with 211 votes. And for interest's sake, the Kia Niro was fourth with 200 points and the Renault Austral with 163 points came in fifth.

The Jeep Avenger debuted in October 2022, and is Jeep’s only fully electric vehicle, running on a single motor that churns out 155 kW of power. This single motor drives the front wheels, although there are talks about a dual-motor Avenger, has about 160 Nm of torque. The 54 kWh battery provides a range of 400 km. The battery can be fast-charged through a 100 kW connection, in which case it can power up from 20 to 80% in 24 minutes, which is pretty impressive.

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The Jeep Avenger is available in Europe, Japan, and South Korea at the moment. And set to hit certain global markets. South Africa is not one of them at the moment. 

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