Jaguar Land Rover The Glen Wins Retailer of The Year

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Jaguar Land Rover The Glen takes top honours for the second year running.

On 2 May, Jaguar Land Rover South Africa held its prestigious annual Retailer of the Year ceremony in Lonehill, at the company’s Jaguar Land Rover Experience Johannesburg facility.

The event was held to honour the brands’ top-performing dealerships by recognising the efforts of individuals and businesses that have consistently propelled sales figures thanks to their actions and work ethic, whilst also upholding and representing the stature and ideals of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands throughout 2021.

Determining the winners of these awards is no easy feat and the decisions are based on a comprehensive set of metrics by which each dealer is measured, that showcases dealers whose performance exceeds expectations.  However, sales figures alone are not the only determining factor for those who wish to walk away with top honours. Dealers are also judged on factors that directly impact the customer experience like process adherence and customer feedback. 

In 2021, the dealer that showed the most outstanding performance across all categories was Jaguar Land Rover The Glen, which is taking the Retailer of the Year award back to their Johannesburg South showroom for the second time in as many years. Aside from winning the evening’s most coveted prize, the dealership also walked away with Sales Top Achiever and several runner-up positions across several categories.

Aside from Jaguar Land Rover The Glen getting all the evening’s attention, several other dealerships were also recognised for their success. These dealers included Jaguar Land Rover Gaborone for their impressive SV (Special Vehicles) product sales, Jaguar Land Rover Sandton for Customer Service, and Jaguar Land Rover Bloemfontein outstanding Approved Pre-Owned vehicle sales.

Awards such as these do more than just honour class-leading performance; it serves to challenge dealers to maintain exceptional service levels that ultimately enhance your buying experience.

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