ClickaCar Second-Hand Hero: The Polo Vivo

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The Polo Vivo, the car that gets South Africa moving! 

The Polo Vivo is one of the newest badges in ClickaCar’s Second Heroes series, but it might just be the one car that has got the highest number of South Africans on the road.

The story of the Polo Vivo goes back to 2009/2010 when VWSA announced that after over 30 years, they were going to stop production of the ever-green, ever-ready and ever-popular Citi Golf. At the time, the Polo Mk5 was introduced and instead of killing off the Mk4 Polo, VWSA redesigned the bumpers, changed a few details and introduced it as their new entry-level model, the Polo Vivo.

Clicka Car Vw Polo Vivo Mk1

From the word go, the Vivo was a hit. It was offered with either a 1.4 engine producing 55kW or 65kW depending on the trim level and a 1.6 producing 77kW. The Vivo was also offered in three body styles, a three and 5-door hatch, and a sedan. The top of the range model was the Vivo GT, a three-door hatch with the 1.6 motor and a few sportier touches, making it a kind of hot hatch for those on a budget.

As mentioned, the first generation Vivo was a hit and became a popular choice for people across all walks of life. The Polo Vivo also attracted the attention of customisers, ensuring a steady supply of parts and rims to make your Vivo unique. 

The Vivo's popularity is reflected in the used market, where there is a steady supply and steady demand for this much-loved model. The sedans are the least popular body style on the market with prices starting around R60,000 for early 1.4 models while a similar spec hatch will cost you R70,000. The three-door models are the most popular, with a 1.4 starting around R80,000 and 1.6 GTs still hovering close to R100,000.

Clicka Car Vw Polo Vivo Mk2

When production of the Mk5 Polo ended in 2017 with the introduction of the Mk6, VWSA gave the outgoing model the Vivo treatment and replaced the Mk4 based model in 2018. The new Polo Vivo is only available in a 5-door hatch body style and VW offers it with a choice of 1.0 turbocharged, 1.4 and 1.6 engines. VW also offers a raised body version called the Vivo Maxx, a kind of Vivo SUV.

Clicka Car Vw Polo Vivo Maxx

The transmissions on offer are a 5-speed manual and a Tiptronic automatic gearbox while the 1.6 GT model comes equipped with a 6-speed manual, making it a very modern competitor amongst its rivals, despite its older underpinnings. 

The new Vivo is still as popular as ever and on the second-hand market, with 2018 1.4 models are still fetching around R100,000  while 1.6 models start closer to R140,000. The GT model however is the one you want and you can expect to pay from R240,000.

The Vivo has done an excellent job as the spiritual successor to the iconic Citi Golf and given its popularity, affordability and reliability; not to mention the ease of maintenance, it’s easy to see why the Polo Vivo is a ClickaCar Second Hand Hero.

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