Backdraft Racing’s Snakes Are Hitting The Track

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Backdraft Racing launches SA’s most “venomous” one-make racing series.

Back in December, we published an article on several small, independent South African car manufacturers (which you can read here), with one of them being Backdraft Racing.

To bring you up to speed (no pun intended) Backdraft Racing is a Durban based manufacturer which builds Cobra replicas, most of which are destined for the US market. They also sell cars in the UAE and a small number locally, earning themselves a reputation for creating one of the best replica Cobras on the market thanks to its BMW derived underpinnings and THAT timeless Cobra design.

Apart from impressing drivers on the road, Backdraft Racing has also been active on the race track, and with years of track experience under their belt, Backdraft Racing has now launched a local one-make series that will be hitting race tracks across South Africa.

Clicka Car Backdraft Track

This 2022 Endurance Racing Championship is scheduled to blast off on 2 April 2022 with the inaugural race taking place at Red Star Raceway. The organisers foresee 10 cars that are expected to be regular starters while at least four others, that are currently available to be bought outright or hired on a race-by-race basis, will also be joining the grid.

The Backdraft Racing Series has positioned itself as a unique addition to the South African Motorsport arena in that it offers several usage possibilities. For starters, a participant is not required to purchase a car and the drivetrains can be insured against mechanical failure. Backdraft Racing is even going as far as providing a well-stocked “mobile parts department” which will be present at every race and able to supply racers with essential parts if and when they need them at the track.

Clicka Car Backdraft Part

Being a one-make series, all cars feature the same Lexus V8 under the bonnet. This option may upset the purists but the Lexus engine was chosen for its affordability when compared to engines from the likes of GM Performance or Ford Motorsport, while still offering exceptional performance, reliability and the roaring sound one would expect from a Cobra. Apart from the engine, all cars use the same engine management system, gearbox, differential, wheels, tyres, shock absorbers and even brake calipers, all to level the playing field. This means that car setup and driver talent are going to be key for participants who want to take the top spot on the podium.

The championship’s race calendar will also see the series enthral South African race fans across the country with events taking place in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, the Free-State, the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape.

The introduction of the Backdraft Racing Series looks set to add another exciting facet to South African motorsport, an opportunity for drivers to go head-to-head in exciting locally built cars while giving local fans yet another exciting series to look forward to.